NavX-017 3G-C mobile

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For mobile usage the 3G+C mobile multi-constellation antenna can be equipped with a bumper; its special rubber compound does not influence the reception quality and provides effective protection against falls. With the 3G+C antenna very good results are achieved in monitoring and deformation analysis.
The 3G+C antenna was developed in collaboration with leading experts from Fraunhofer Insitute for Integrated Circuits IIS. A next-generation product with future-proof technology, inside a robust construction.
The new 3G+C antenna meets or exceeds phase center eccentricity standards up to 1 mm. It makes you feel confident as you can always rely on extremely precise signals and meticulous accuracy of the data. 3G+C is fit not only for high-precise geodetic applications but also for integration into agricultural and construction machinery or vehicles.
The 3G+C antenna withstands the harshest and most difficult environmental conditions. Whether in the desert or in polar zones, 3G+C resists any amount of water, sand, snow or ice. Its hexagonal casing structure and a specially developed laser welded joint, make 3G+C absolutely water, dust- and shockproof. It resists any amount of scratches, impacts,extreme vibrations and temperatures.

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