GeoGis, data collector for GIS applications (Mobile & Office license)

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Stonex GeoGis is a powerful yet simple software solution for the collection of high quality feature and position data for GIS update and maintenance. GeoGis software provides simple and efficient workflows to capture high quality data quickly and easily. GeoGis is an option that can be embedded into handheld GIS systems.
GeoGis is developed for Windows Mobile.

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GeoGis software consists of two integrated modules: GeoGis Mobile for the field work and GeoGis Office for desktop elaboration. With GeoGis you never have to worry about which application to use to manage and transfer your data. With GeoGis software the workflow is straight and simple, from the field to the office and vice versa.

Stonex GeoGis software makes the field data collection fast and easy to do thanks to a full set of field-designed features, such as graphical map display, clear icon toolbar and useful calculation tools. Stonex GeoGis software also makes it easy to incorporate digital photos into the data collection workflow using an handheld with integrated digital camera. Field workers can take and preview photos, attaching them to the features and create complete set of data for many different purposes.

With Stonex GeoGis software you can create custom data attributes and use them to assign values to the assets. Data forms can be pre-compiled basing on previously entered attribute values for maximum data collection efficiency.
Assets can be viewed on the intuitive graphical display, overlapped with raster and vector backgrounds, resulting in increased productivity and creating a more dynamic field worker experience. Thanks to cellular and Wi-Fi capability GeoGis software can display online maps such as Google Maps, expanding the ability to find visual reference points anywhere on the planet. To inspect an asset, field workers can select the corresponding feature from the list or map, and the intuitive navigation tool of the GeoGis software will guide them to the asset’s precise location.

With Stonex GeoGis software, you can collect data with the required level of accuracy, either in real time or after postprocessing. Stonex GeoGis software is the right solution for collecting and maintaining high quality GIS data.

Geogis is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Czech, Italian, Hungarian, German, Portuguese, Russian and Uzbek ( Turkish in progress).

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